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Vimy Ridge: Important To Canadian Identity!


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Vimy ridge was a battle that the Canadians had to face alone, after their allies, the French and the British both failed to capture the keep. This was a very dangerous area, as it was a key German stronghold, with many German troops defending it. Though the job looked impossible, the Canadians took the order and came up with a new strategy to take on the German stronghold. They took pictures and made maps, so they did not blindly run into enemy fire without a thorough strategy. As the Canadians marched to their enemy stronghold, the birth of an independent nation was born. The canadian forces took Vimy ridge back in just three days of fighting the german military. The views on Canada were forever changed from this battle of Vimy ridge. It truly proved that Canadians could handle the tasks given to them by allies, and it showed how tough and patriotic we were and finally, it gave us a reason to be proud to call ourselves Canadian!

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